About Me

I used to dream a lot when I was a little child. I always had thousands of images in my head. Images of everything. They all had stories. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. With my little heart I always believed that if I could replace bad things with good ones in my mind I would heal them. I used to send love to everything and wish good things for everybody.

Somewhere along the way I realised I lost my little heart and my dreams. This was the beginning of my new life.My life changed when my perspective changed.I see different and I feel different.I appreciate everything that life brought to my path.I have found my way.

I love to capture every moment that touches my heart and soul.I love to leave a smile on people’s face and want to leave a mark on the universe.

Dilek was born in spring 1984, raised in Turkey, studied landscape architecture and worked as a landscape architect a few years.

In 2009 Dilek settled in London and has been living in London since then.Dilek studied photography at British Academy of Photography and now works as a freelance photographer.